Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maui Morning Whispers

Grandfather with tiny bundled babe in arms
Crossing the lawn, down to ocean’s shore
Half whisper, half coo, his murmuring for only the child

Grainy stones to water’s edge, baby hearing words of love, thanksgiving
Then a new sound - stirring, soft swoosh, emery of wave on pebbles and sand

Baby’s eyes widen, smiling faces reflect pleasure at sounds in seasoned and new ears alike. Taken from ocean voice, another voice calls, “Dad? Dad?!”
"Coming!" Baby, only, hears the whisper, “Toes in tomorrow, o.k.?”

photo Sunset Sister, Maui


  1. love these word images. again, wish i could see the photo :(
    the jellies appeared, however :)

  2. That's two in a row wonderful poems from you. (Maybe more. I haven't finished catching up.) Yesterday's sent a spark into me that caught fire and saved my day. Thanks.

  3. Photo is back:) luv u:)

    Wren, such a nice compliment. It's wonderful to hear that something I said stuck with you for a while.....