Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How deep is your snow?

If you've ever lived in a northwestern valley, you might know or recall that during part of the year one prays for snowy, firmly packed mountain peaks. Firmly packed because you want that snow to melt slowly, to hold securely to what it knows its job is....to fill the streams, to seep into the rock, to water the fields (sometimes wheat fields) in the heat of the growing season.

Coming home from church on Sunday, we spied what we thought was "new" snow and talked about the phenomenon of nature, the balance so easily tipped by mankind, the abundance of the resources that this earth and particularly our valley have been given.

So what does that have to do with anything - well, if you've been here at Mind Sieve in the last few days, you'll know that it's all about Haiku! But, of course!

snowy Blue Mountains
feed streams, water growing grain
sun bakes whole wheat bread

No photo capture of the Blue Mountains or of snow today - too much mist on them....but I've seen the snow, it is there hopefully waiting for a slow melt.


  1. I stab at Haiku from time to time. I am better at reading it than creating it.

    Have you visited One Single Impression for inspiration and encouragement.?? http://onesingleimpression.blogspot.com/

    The ladies that are posting prompts have taken over where One Deep Breath left off.

    I like your sun baked bread...

  2. Lisa - well you can see I am a rank beginner, jumping in fearlessly - well, not really fearlessly, but jumping in anyway. Thanks for the URL and for stopping by.

  3. Three hundred sixty
    centimeters so far
    quite enough, thank you

    Written during a March blizzard in Montreal -- that's my excuse.

  4. lucy's back in town
    setting feet upon the ground
    where did paris go?


  5. Hi Barbara - love your comment!! Sorry, who knew snow could be that deep??!! You, of course

    And speaking of snow, I've found the most profound writers and loveliest photos come from you snow laden folk in Canada.

    Lucy - your Haiku seems appropriate - welcome home!