Saturday, March 15, 2008

Red Starfish

Visiting Christine at the Abbey, and paging through the visual meditation offered there, this Red Starfish "jumped" off the page at me - not only off the page but complete with words from my head. With Christine's permission, I share with you....

Brooch of the sea
Living, watery home now exposed to the air
You share your dying color with those of us land bound
and remind us of the mermaid who may have worn you in her hair

I share the moment with you who may not yet have visited Christine's superb site. Timing is a little off as she is on a two week sabbatical, but please bookmark it and go back for a visit in two weeks. (There is a wealth of information there to review. In the meantime, I suspect her return will be full of wonder and inspiration for all visitors.)

In addition to being moved by the photo, it brought to my mind several talented blogger/photographer friends - Lucy, Bill, Kerrdelune.. and their sites that often move me to thanksgiving and reflection. It's a miraculous gift that these persons, through their talent and gifts, bring such luxury to our own eyes and minds.

My personal reflection would be to suggest that this weekend we all look around - wherever we might be - and see the wonder that our own eyes would love to share with others.....maybe we'll have cameras and maybe not - but wishing beauty and reflection for your friends is a wonderful prayer in itself. Enjoy the view!

photo by Christine/Abbey of the Arts


  1. Thanks for the wonderful words Sunrise Sister, I am always delighted when my images can inspire poetry in others. That was my favorite photo from this week's meditation as well.

    I won't be checking in on blogs much this week, but this first night I get to recover from my travels in a hotel with internet!

  2. I've said this about 3 times, but have a wonderful journey -

    again, thanks for the Starfish, I see inspiration for jewelry, poetry, fabric, collage, fiction - beauty all around the photograph of that beautiful creature that you captured with your camera.


  3. Lovely, SS. I have a special affection for mermaids, so particularly enjoyed that last line.

  4. Tess, glad you enjoyed the mermaid thought -

  5. wonderful words. it appears as though your lenten practice of poetry has offered much fruit (especially to us readers). i hope it will continue after the season :-)

    thank you for the mention(s)...i am blessed to be in such talented company...inspired and inspiring :-)

    xoxoxooxoxox miss you, too!!!

  6. Kind words accepted - thank you!!!