Friday, October 24, 2008

Bird dog - yeah, I'm a bird dog.....

My oh my, there was a lot of jumpin' and hootin' last night after I came in from the back yard. She seemed to be half asleep on the sofa and he had just let me in. She addressed me quickly and sternly with "What do you have in your mouth?!) He came over and made the first groan with - "Ooooohhh, dead bird!" He grabbed me AND Andy as he shouted out that alarm. She tore off for the kitchen in search of gloves and towels or somethin'. It all happened very fast. Then my prize was gone - I think it's in the garage somewhere.

I plan to patrol the yard carefully tomorrow a.m. - it's dark when Andy and I go out first thing. Definitely hit the dead bird spot to see if 'nother one has fallen from the sky! I'll know better than to bring it to the back door again......they're so fussy about trophies in the house!!!


  1. Riley,

    "dead bird spot" ? "fallen from the sky" ? Didn't you really snatch the prize from the air, just like your ancestors might have done?

    She snoozes on the sofa and he probably sits in a chair doing a crossword puzzle or pondering his next offering on blogspot. Meanwhile, you patrol to keep the area secure. When you present evidence of your efforts, they get wound up. Oh, man! (and woman!)

    Well, keep up the good doggy work. They will surely benefit from your special talents.

  2. Oh thank goodness Geezer for your response. I knew someone would understand!!

    Keeping the world safe from birds, yours truly,

    Riley - Bird Dog Vigilante

  3. oh, riley--what is it about trophies in the house?!?!?? i am reminded of when your cousin jonathon at age 4 came into the house and announced "we" caught a bird!! (the 'we' included our feline, katie) this trophy, however, was still alive and well albeit scared nearly to death. yep, it stirred up a big commotion alright...probably not dissimilar to the one you describe.

    it's tough being a hunter, huh? can't they be grateful for just a moment for your amazing talent?!??!

    good luck birding :-)

    love, auntie lu

  4. Riley, this photo of you is absolutely *adorable*! Smart dog, putting on the charm to get out of a jam. Good boy.

    xoxo Abbess Petunia

  5. Abbess - I knew you would understand! Thanks for your note!