Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whatever Lola wants......

I have to share this fab letter I received from my new best friend - LOLA! Wow, you can see how cute she is from the picture and she's asked me for a date to the dogpark already - I'm a lucky dog!! RFF

Dear Riley,

Your hair looks so cute with that little curl to it! Don't worry about it.
You should see mine! lol

Oh, I guess I should tell you who I am. You know how it is with you
celebrities: we read about you and see your pictures, and we think of you
as friends already.

My name is Lola, and I am a dancer...just kidding, but it is a good song,
don't you think?

I'm new in the neighborhood and hoped I'd meet you at the St. Francis
blessing. It was a kick! I was so excited!

My people used to have a big dog named Seamus, and, of course, he was
perfect. He didn't bark or jump around or chew on things. (Sounds pretty
boring to me.) So, my people say I need to learn some manners. I try. I
do. At least when I think of it, unless there are some other dogs around
or new people to meet. Then it's really hard to remember.

Say, have you been to the dog park yet? It is so fun!!! I've met forty
dogs there, of all shapes and sizes, mostly bigger than I am, but I can
outrun them for sure. Want to have a play date some day? (Better make it
before a grooming day, my person says, at least if it's been raining.)

I'm sending you a little picture of me. It's not very sharp, but it'll
show you how I can move, and can I ever!

Bye for now.


  1. oh riley...i think lola might be sweet on you. she sounds pretty special herself. i am sure you'll keep us posted on your grand adventures.

    hugs, auntie lu

    btw--a little dog park mud never hurt anybody :-)

  2. Auntie Lu, I'm so glad you mentioned that - I was thinking the same thing. I'll let you know after we have our date......first I have to get the nerve to ask her!


  3. she's a cutie, riley...and i can't imagine you would let a little lack of nerve stop you especially when mud and frolicking are involved!!!

  4. Oh Riley! You published my letter! How sweet! I'll be ready for that playdate whenever you say. Maybe we should start out at the small park, or even my back yard. What do you say?