Saturday, November 08, 2008

Where's the music.....?

In September I wrote a post about finding new popular music (or maybe not so popular) and asked you to send me some tips. Well, I have to report I received quite a number of suggestions and for those suggestions I have been very grateful for the new music now coming through my Ipod earbuds:)

It occurs to me that it wasn't a contest but I have to say I feel there were some real winners - some of my favorite listening these days comes from Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere album - even when her music is in French. French? I don't understand a word of it but her sweet mellow tones make me feel as though I do!

Chant - Music for the Soul album, who can't be transformed into quietude with the voices of Cistercian Monks in your ears.

Lastly, one of my favorite bloggers, Christine Kane, makes great music....which I've finally gotten around to ordering. I like it so much, I'm recommending it - you owe it to yourself to listen to at least a couple of Christine's tunes Mary Catherine's Ash Wednesday and Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad - cute surprises.

So, thanks again for the suggestions. If "your favorites" didn't make my favorites list - suggest again. (I already owned some of the music that you suggested last time:)

Happy listening......


  1. Thanks for this introduction to Christine Kane - I haven't even listened to her music yet but I really like what she writes.

  2. thanks for the recommendations (even though my fave's didn't make your list :-(

    i tried to do some purchasing this morning, but itunes would not cooperate. the curse of the computer strikes once again!