Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Day - Praying the Hours

Yesterday's Dawn has conceded that the Day should speak also....

DAY - There must be a time of day when the (wo)man who makes plans forgets her plans and acts as if (s)he had no plans at all. Thomas Merton

DAY - I am the day
My heart sings in welcome to you

What an amazing creature you are
God told me you were the greatest of the miracles

I, day, am breathless as you enter into my presence with expectation
I have plans for us - we will travel together - you and I
We will smile, cry, growl and sing - we will be! Sunrise Sister

Photo - Drive from Wenatchee Fall '08 - SS


  1. i had one of those "merton" moments yesterday when i chucked it all, lay down, read a novel and snoozed at noon. my body & soul said, "thank you!"

    i am really enjoying your reflections through the day. today's photo captures "day" very well!


  2. Ah, yes, I think "Merton moments" is a very good tag!

    I listened to an NPR interview yesterday regarding the documentary that will be on Merton's life to be featured on PBS tv, Sunday evening. This is sort of all like "continuing studies" isn't it?


  3. "Merton Moments" sounds wonderful, I need more of those in the coming days. I hadn't heard about the documentary so thanks for the heads up!

    I love this line: "We will smile, cry, growl and sing - we will be" -- growl made me smile and sing made me cry, go figure. ;-)

  4. "continuing studies" is a very good thing!! amazing how we start to notice so much when we open our hearts, huh?

    C--i love the growl line too...waiting for my books is making me a little growly, but hanging out in my pj's makes me smile :-)

  5. ....couldn't leave out the growl, seems too familiar:)