Saturday, December 13, 2008

Praying the hours - Dusk

DUSK has had a lot of things to say to me in the past 10 days - much more than any other time of day.....

"The reality of now - the unreality of all the rest." Thomas Merton

I am the Dusk
Slipping into your bones and flesh like fog on the canal
You and the day didn't see me coming
Arriving unheralded while laying down the soft carpet you will tread into night Welcome, peace, shalom
I am the Dusk

Creeping in softly
Cooling the air
Enfolding you with soft caress

The Master Artist is at work, brushing the sky in splendor
No novices can contend with the paint of this canvas
While you rejoice in the glory breathing in the wonder,
The colors run together and seep into the night


  1. I'm slightly amused at Sunrise Sister exploring dusk...
    Seriously, I love the line you have there "Slipping into your bones and flesh like fog on the canal" - so evocative.

  2. Tess - I agree:) At the recent retreat w/CVP we concentrating on praying the hours. I connected in such different ways about the hours, even the night has caught my attention.

    I am SO glad to see you here today. I have been missing your posts.... have you been intentionally away?


  3. whew! you are on a roll! such rich images you share here of dusk!! xox