Thursday, January 22, 2009


"Time is the gift of realization that wherever we are, whatever is happening, is the stuff of God."*

On inauguration day this week, members of my regularly scheduled spiritual formation group decided we would yield to the Obamas and cancel our meeting for that day. But during my morning devotion time I came upon the quote above and decided to send it to each of the group members. One member of the group e-mailed me back with a comment about the quote. I asked if I could relay her story here.....

Cyndi commenting...."Often I hear myself saying "this occurrence or that was a God thing. I'm sure God is pleased and happy that I've noticed.

Now, in light of the quote you sent, I'm remembering my oldest son's college graduation day, which was a big deal event. Said son turned to his Dad and me and thanked us for all we had done THAT DAY. It was very sweet and I smiled, but his Dad echoed my thoughts when he said, "Just today?!?" "Kids!" we both said.

"Kids!" says God."

And isn't it so.....we do often thank our Creator for the blessings of the day but oh my, there are so many days we take for granted. We should do better, don't you think?

*words from p.60 in the book - "Lectio Divina - Contemplative Awakening and Awareness" by Christine Valters Paintner and Lucy Wynkoop, OSB
Photo taken 12/23/09 SS - The Cloisters/Medieval Art and Architecture of the Metropolitan Museum of Art/NYC - St. Lawrence and the Treasures of the Church


  1. i love the quote! i love the picture. i love the message...AND i find myself strongly reacting to "we SHOULD do better" those "should's" pile on an awful lot of guilt for me...AND yes, i know i definitely desire to do better in acknowledging the wondrous nature of God!!


  2. Hey Lucy - thanks for the generosity of your "loves" - I LOVE receiving them.....and the SHOULDS - well maybe I "should" have said "I" should but then I guess I wanted to share the guilt:)) xoxo

  3. "...wherever we are, whatever is happening, is the stuff of God."
    This quote and the picture have a very profound connection. The carving is of St. Lawrence, who, when ordered by Roman soldiers to produce the treasures of his church, assembled the poor, lame and sick to be presented. He was executed for his temerity, yet the point was made. There is no greater treasure than the least of these, God's beloved children. And all of us, each one of us, is among that treasure. So wherever we are and in whatever we are doing, we are always surrounded by the greatest treasure of the church, God's beloved children.