Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Practice, practice

Well, I don't know if the other artists taking the January Art Journal challenge over at Misty Mawn's site are having as much fun as I am, but you'll only have to look at these "selfs" for another day or two. They are definitely a challenge and I can't believe I have the nerve to post them - but they're sketches - so just write in and say "practice makes perfect" or just smile and go over to Riley's site:) he always has something worthwhile to say!

I think if you compare yesterday's sketch to this one, you'll see I've lost a LOT of weight, my eyes are clearer, I have a new DO and my teeth definitely look much better......see what you can do for yourself in self-portraiture?


  1. Aha! I believe I may know this woman.

  2. You are tooooooo kind:))