Monday, February 16, 2009

The Wings came to church with us.....

"Susanna's Wings" came with us to church yesterday - Holy Innocents Parish, Lahaina, Maui - the "wings" perched atop the picture of "Mother and Child" as posted on the parish sign board.

We've been coming to this church on our annual pilgrimage to Maui for many years. On Sundays, weather permitting and that means nearly always, the interior wall panels all open/fold away for worship and the sound of birds (and an occasional Harley Davidson rumbling by) fill the sanctuary, along with the sound of a small organ/piano, and words from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

It's a wonderful place for prayer, reflection, and listening.....


  1. love those wings...tell me more :-)

  2. sounds like worship, in the truest sense of the word...

  3. Hi Lucy - visit Susanna at
    and read about Susanna's desire to send her "wings" around the world - a little book of photos and wishes, etc. The little "wings" are a bit like the "Flat Stanley" figure that have flown around the world with parents/grandparents, etc. of schoolkids - photos and love from everywhere. We're having a good time with our wings.

    Karen - yes, the "wings" bring about an interesting mood when posting them - lots of fun and camaraderie:)

  4. Look at this! Thank you, Sunrise Sister. It's so interesting to see where you've taken the wings. Fold away panels? To be worshiping or simply just being in such a church sounds so peaceful.

  5. S - it's like sitting on the lawn for worship accept the pews are a lot more comfortable than the ground. There's always a breeze, yes, it is very special!