Sunday, February 22, 2009

Words from Thomas.....

A WEEK AGO - Maui, Sunday night, February 15, 2009, - After a tremendously full day with daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren at church, at sea side in warm sun and sandy beach, snorkeling, resting in breezes, rejoicing in laughter, fun, good food and stories, I opened Thomas Merton - A Book of Prayers and read a litany for the Dark on page was truly a wonderful litany and perhaps if you have the book, you'll read it this evening at dark, wherever your day has taken you and wherever you are - but in the meantime, with all due respect to Thomas Merton and his wonderful editor, Kathleen Deignan, I've rewritten the litany in my words....

Teach me to go often in my mind to this peaceful, joy-filled scene - beyond words - beyond names. Teach me to pray on this side of the day, here where the stars glisten now. I feel led by you. I feel my heart moved by you. I feel my soul made clean by your presence. I feel my will to trust made strong by you. I pray the world will be saved and changed by you. I pray for your healing hand on all those who suffer, who are in prison, in danger, in sorrow. I pray for your grace for all crazy people. I pray your healing hand to work always in my life. I pray you will make me through your grace, as you made your son, a healer, a comforter. I pray your joy and light will reach and raise the dead from their bondage of the grave. I pray you will help those dying to cross their chasms and streams in your hands. I pray you will be with me always and with those I love whether we are living or dying. I believe that you hear this prayer and am thankful.


  1. i cannot imagine that thomas' words could be any more beautiful or impacting than your own. thank you.

    i also loved the image you painted of your last sunday with family, etc.

    ahhhhh. xoxooxox

    p.s. if i can get my brain to remember, i am going to visit page 67 tonight :-)

  2. Lucy -

    Happy Sunday and thank you!!


  3. Beautiful prayer- thanks for sharing that! I'll have to find myself a copy of Merton's Book of Hours!