Sunday, March 15, 2009


Grace constant and predictable
Its sound soft whispers nuzzling the shoreline
Tinkling high notes serenading happy families on the sand
Playful waves begging for attention, promising salvation in the warm font of the sea

Grace knows tenderness and protection
Its kisses, its sturdy enduring strength
Its sanity promises salvation rather than damnation
Unknown, unbelieveable power walking on the water

The bathers' response to the luring enticement at water's edge
Hesitant denial, a swoosh, please invite me once more
The rhythm returns again and again denying no one
Insistent, gentle, promising

Finally the bathers turn and see the promise
Sun glinting and dancing on the waves of life
They slip into the waters for healing, for blessings, for grace
Grace confident in its whisper of steadfastness and its prevailing promise of love


  1. I love this poem, having spent many hours being enfolded by those gentle waves. I am reminded that the same waters that rage against us in storms too violent for us are also the gentle baptismal waters of grace. Scripture is rich in water metaphor.

  2. Beautiful SS, I want to hear the invitation of the sea again!

  3. CP - you've got me thinking about more water stories:)

    Abbey - nothing like waterside anywhere to remind of us of the greatness of the creation around us and our lives in that space also.

    I look forward to the waters of the Hood Canal in May and hoping maybe May will allow us a little more walking access to that beautiful water site.

  4. water imagery has been huge for me lately. your poem whispered throughout of the beauty of baptism. here is a quote that showed up in my inbox this morning which reminded me of your two poems.

    "the self is a calm stable center surrounded by a continuous changing sea. merge with yourself and be ready for any emergent sea." -coretta scott king

    i know i have more thoughts bubbling around in here :-)

  5. Lucy - beautiful quote - go for it:))