Monday, March 23, 2009

How about an evening prayer?

Cover of "A Diary of Private Prayer"Cover of A Diary of Private Prayer

Having the habit of regularly using John Baillie's, A Diary of Private Prayer, for its a.m. prayers, I've just found this beautiful evening prayer to share - Baillie's Twenty-third day/Evening Prayer - just a portion of it.....

"Am I living as my conscience approves?
Am I demanding of others a higher standard of conduct than I demand of myself?
Am I taking a less charitable view of the failing of my neighbors than I am of my own?
Am I standing in public for principles which I do not practice in private?
Am I, in my daily life, facing the stress of circumstance with humanliness and courage?
Am I grateful for my many blessings?
Am I allowing my happiness to be too much dependent on money? On business success? Or on the good opinion of others?
Is the sympathy I show to others who are in trouble commensurate with the pity I would expend on myself, if the same things happened to me?
Let my answer before Thee be truthful, O God."

May sweet dreams and restful peace fill your night.
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  1. Every night I try evening prayer, and every night my brain goes in some other direction.

  2. "Let my answer before Thee be truthful, O God."

    evening prayer looks so different for me than morning quiet. it often consists of falling asleep while sending wishes, hopes and dreams across the universe to those on my mind. not a bad way to end the day...just different :-)

  3. CP & Lucy, Oh, I thought we could all use a little evening prayer. I have the same issues as you too with my mind and the sleep issue....although I think it's o.k. to be in that drifting off place with God - it means a peace filled place to me.