Monday, April 20, 2009

More on Mr. Moore

".....our individuality is so profound and so hidden that it takes more than a lifetime for identity to emerge."*

I find the above quote so intriguing and encouraging when I, or those I encounter, are considering that I have or they have "wasted time" in their lives. Why didn't they do something differently, why didn't they "know" sooner, etc. I'm beginning to understand that time is not wasted but it is time spent preparing for the fullness that God has to offer us. Some of us are slow learners and others have caught up with themselves on an accelerated basis. But as Moore quotes above "our individuality, etc., takes MORE than a lifetime to emerge."

Have you ever wished you hadn't wasted so much time doing something that proved or seemed fruitless at the time? And if you have - has that "wasted time" contributed to the person you are today or do you wish you had just skipped that part of life - skipped meaning moving forward the 10 years or so without having to have gone through the period - you know, like in a time machine?

(*My posts and quotes for the last 3 days have been taken from and inspired by Thomas Moore's book, Care of the Soul" - page 19. I am savoring this read written from Moore's psychological training and interspersed, or impossibly intertwined with his views on human spirituality. A fascinating subject of interest for me. A few of you have mentioned to me that you've read this book as well and found it valuable to your spiritual enrichment. For those, I hope I am tickling your memory of a book that you enjoyed.)
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  1. I am at a point in my life where I believe the only waste of time is that time used trying to be god.
    Like reading a book, life unfolds before us and along side of us, it is there happening on the page, the author has set the characters for us to observe, engage and learn. If we read carefully, taking in what is happening and who the characters are, the book opens up for us. We get swept away to a new place see things fantastical in our mind, ideas and sounds are created, places that are not now, are imagined and dreamed of, we are changed.
    If we are constantly rewriting the book and taking our pen and eraser to it, we miss the whole thing, we may get satisfaction from the rework, but nobody else is sharing that story, and we missed the authors intent.

  2. Bruno - thank you for this terrific illustrative description about living life and not trying to constantly edit it. I'm so pleased you took the time to read and comment here!

  3. Ah, SS. I have been following your blog for awhile now.
    Very good stuff,
    I feel I should only plague one family member at a time with my verbosity.

    and today,


    your it!

  4. Thanks for following, I so like that and the compliment!

    Your "plague" is so welcome. We both welcome your well thought out and provocative comments. More food for thought the better!

    I enjoyed being "it" for today!

  5. heady waters you have been swimming in while i was away! i am enjoying catching up although it is a lot in one reading! the soul? my definition comes from somewhere deep inside, or around or through or...someone else has already said it "words cannot describe". it is indeed like trying to capture air.

  6. Lucy - I miss you when you're away. As you have noted in other correspondence my touch on the blogsite has been spotty for a week or so! I do miss it and will be firing back up again soon.....about the time you leave town:)