Monday, April 27, 2009

A Stone's View

Photo courtesy of Abbey of the Arts

So this is the view You've chosen
to share with Your children for eternity
The green, the blue, the sunrise reflection

To ponder creation from this view alone
could convince one of
Your mysterious magistry
of Your benevolent plan
of Your love
of Your existence

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  1. Sometimes all it takes is a good view. Rabbi Heschel said that if you can stand in wonder before nature then you are a spiritual person. Couldn't agree more. So, I'm assuming from your poem that you do believe all the things in your second stanza, or you would have written more. Me, I would have added something like: but you can't fool me/we're hanging here in space/and I can't even trust/my neighbor. :-)

  2. I like this. The restriction of one view seems to me to add to the creative value of discipline (wow, doesn't that sound pretentious!?) that there's been a bit of discussion on around the blogs lately.

  3. Richard,

    Yes, you assume correctly that I personally believe the words of the second stanza. Interesting stanza you would add. Now I'll have to go back and read your poem at the Abbey. I'm quite sure I saw one there. Thanks for your comment here!

    Glad you like the little poem. And, yes, that is a hefty sentence full of pondering material that you've come up with!!:)

    Always happy to hear other perspectives on what sometimes comes out of my head in a minute and sometimes coming out laboriously and ever more profound:) (oh, I believe I've lapsed in to pretentious also:)

  4. The spaciousness of the external vision often reflects our own internal capacity as well, beautiful words SS.

  5. Dear Sunrise Sister--
    Isn't that Richard a rascal?

    This is lovely poetry; especially like the first verse.

    Would love to hear your comments on my entry to this 'party'!


  6. C - I think I thanked you in my mind for such a nice comment but I see from this page that I never recorded that thought....for the record, thank you!

    Beth P - Richard is indeed one of a kind from what I can tell, but then I think we ALL are one of a kind! Thanks for stopping by here. I'll have to step back to the Abbey tomorrow and reread the poetry. Hey, I always have an opinion or comment - you can count on it:) Thanks again for yours.