Monday, June 08, 2009

What does God smell and taste like.....*

God is loving, forgiving, nurturing, supporting, ever faithful

God smells like luxurious clean sheets and fresh, rain-filled air

God tastes like the ooze of a hot, flourless chocolate cake, its warmth filling my mouth
God sounds like a Native American flute unearthed and played after decades of silence
God feels like a baby's skin pressed cheek to cheek with my own

God looks like a beloved grandmother laughing with her grandchildren

God is loving, forgiving, nurturing, supporting, ever faithful

*As a regular reader you might remember my post about a wonderful retreat I attended in May. It was called "Awakening the Creative Spirit" and among the exercises I participated in was a round of poetry writing, with inspiration to be taken from use of one's senses to describe God - thus the poem of this post.
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  1. beautiful words SS and so glad to see them again here. all of the images are vibrant, the one of the flute especially touching.
    xoxoxox C

  2. C - Reviewing my scribbles from our week together, I'm uncovering bits and pieces of a wonderful mental mosaic. Thanks to you and Betsey for making that mosaic happen!


  3. love this GOD!!!!

  4. I miss everything that happened at that retreat! Your poem brought me back to St Andrew's though, where Godness filled every sense I have... as it should, always, in all ways! Thanks, Sister!

  5. Anonymous7:17 AM

    It kind of all gets down to the basics, doesn't it! God IS Love!!
    Beautiful poem! JG

  6. Roy, Nice to hear your comments. The retreat was wonderful!

    JG - yes, indeed - God is love. Thanks for stopping by; I always love to hear from you.