Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sacred Life Sundays

A prayer from John Baillie's - A Diary of Private Prayer

Accompany me today, O Spirit invisible, in all my goings,
but stay with me also when I am in my own home and among my kindred.

Forbid that I should fail to show to those nearest to me the sympathy and consideration
which Thy grace enables me to show to others with whom I have to do.

Forbid that I should refuse to my own household the courtesy and politeness
which I think proper to show to strangers. Let charity today begin at home.

SS Photo - Grace Episcopal Church, Dayton, WA


  1. It is a sad reflection on society that we often show more courtesy and politeness to strangers,or in public, or in the work force than we do to the people we love the most at home. Do we think they are more tolerant of our abuse and it's OK that they bare the blunt of our bad temper? If we can keep our behavior in check when we are in the public eye, should we not be able to do so at home behind closed doors?

  2. Marisa, Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Oh yes, occasionally a remark comes out of my mouth at home and I think - would I have said that to a stranger? Absolutely not! I think the comfort of a marriage is so blessed when we extend the courtesies to each other that we would to strangers. I guess it's human nature that we don't sometimes but we should learn better habits!!! Hope to see you again and I'll be poppin' over to your place in a few minutes.

    Lucy - always welcome and amen, ain't it the truth!!