Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who holds the string - Part Two

So, I’m almost alone now flying my kite
Most of the other kids either got bored or ran out of string
Or their Moms shouted them home
Me and my kite – we’re still soaring

Except now my arms are getting a little tired and
I suddenly feel sort of funny - thinking, thinking, thinking
How am I going to get the kite down
It’s so happy and very insistent in its soaring and its way up there

Also, it actually feels as though I might lift off the ground
The kite is pulling, pulling me now, and more thinking
Thinking – am I holding the string or is the string holding me
The string and the kite holding me seems spooky

I begin to sniffle a little and try to rewind the string around the spool
But the kite’s so high now and it’s hard to wind
I sniffle a little more and maybe feel some wetness in my eyes
Where’s my “aide” when I need him

I’m feeling terribly alone and maybe even scared
And oh, thank goodness - here comes my Dad
Wow, how did he know that I needed him now
Dads are kinda like that, anyway mine is

He says that I have to come in now
We’ll have to start winding the kite down
I tell him I’ve tried but it’s too strong for my arms
Dad tries too but he says that it’s too hard for him as well

Dad says that “we’ll have to let the kite, go”
But I don’t understand what he means
He explains again that it’s late and the kite seems too high to retrieve
“We’ll just let it go – we’ll snip the string – and let it go”

Sucking in my breath and fighting back more wetness in my eyes
I understand and nod my head that I do
He takes out his pocket knife and cuts the string
My arms fall tired and limp but still holding the freed spool

My upturned head and teary eyes never leave the sky and the kite
Never leave the sky and the kite until I can’t see it anymore
As my Dad gives me a hug and we head for the house, I know the string and the kite have gone I'll miss my kite and I won't forget it

SS Collage
Poem re childhood memories summoned up by experiential Workshop - "Awakening the Creative Spirit" - May, 2009


  1. what a magical place you have taken us to!! i could feel the tug of the kite and the emotions of the child...the care of the father...

    i am so glad you did not forget your kite and the memories were tucked away for safekeeping until just the right time :-)

    i also am dying to get a first hand glimpse at this art you are creating!!!

    (i'm with CP in the prior post. you've GOT to get a kite!!!)

  2. Lucy - A kite might be in order when the weather gets a little cooler:)


  3. Lucy, FYI - there's a new piece of work posted on my home page:)