Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Camp Cross - the best!

"Maidens, Mothers, and Crones Celebrating Women's Relationships" - what a provocative heading for a women's weekend at beautiful Camp Cross. Thirty-nine women aged from 14 to 84 years laughed, played, cried, prayed, created and just drank in the gorgeous lakeside atmosphere and spirit-raising power of sisterhood. Simple sharing activities drew us across decades of our lives, all ages perhaps being surprised to hear some of the expressed hopes and dreams to be identical no matter the generational difference. Packing an extra outfit to portray the most formative years of our lives was not the bore we expected but a hoot and a howl shared by all as we endeavored to outdo our sisters with dramatic explanations of our attire and that certain time in our lives. Music and song recalled from the World War II era to Chris Rock of the 00's had us singing, clapping and dancing. American Bandstand and hoola hoops were recalled and demonstrated - there was even an exuberant center stage cartwheel from one presenter!

A marvelous weekend with new friends, campers from previous weekends and three very special facilitators - all in all a wonderful experience. Oh and I mustn't forget to mention that God's presence added tremendously to the joy and celebration of the occasion!

Personally, I've always found at these weekends away (this is my fifth year of camp) that there is a special someone to hear words from my heart and usually another special person to whom I may offer my ears to hear of their successes, failures, joys and disappointments. To view the radiance coming from the group picture, outdoors, sun shining on all, one would surmise there was not a care in the world for any of the women being photographed. Regrettably or predictably perhaps, we're not all always happy or interminably sad but our faces to the outside world are sometimes a lot braver than the automatic smiles for a photo op! With honest sharing often comes a respite from current personal trials and reassurance that one is making a difference in this world and in particular to those closest to us. In spite of trying moments with friends and loved ones, difficulties with bosses and vocations, life is good. A weekend away at Camp Cross reminds me of that.

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  1. wow! sounds like a fabulous time. can't wait to hear more. xoxo