Thursday, August 13, 2009

Language, such a gift

Language, such a gift
Comprehension, such a surprise

Words spill over the lip dam
Confident they will land forcefully on the river's ears
But word droplets hit the calm surface with only a tiny splish
Saturated by wisdom and clarity, the sender is surprised the words are
unrecognizable to the river

The river at times calm, at times swirling with the recklessness of life's floodplains
It cannot distinguish or scoop out the drops for individual attention
Oh the river hears each word before it's swallowed by the current
Treasures them but must fold them in quickly knowing the reality and urgency of a
sustained flow

The word stream must be fed and shaped on its liquid journey through time
Regretting its inability to personally know the speaker, the river runs on
Only the Creator recognizes each voice, each plea, each trembling request
Each word not wasted rather known fully by the One who fashioned the tongue, the teardrop and the riverbed

Language, such a gift
Comprehension, such a surprise


  1. Thank you for the gift of language. it's beautiful. I've been flirting with the idea of putting some of my "stuff" out there...just waiting for a courageous moment.

  2. kigen4:42 AM

    Very wonderful poem. I love your river, and its mysteries. It took me right through into joy, swelling, flowing, dancing, sustaining, unknowingly.

  3. Marisa - thank you so much! The words the last couple of days for me have felt blessed, so to receive your response is wonderful encouragement. AND speaking of encouragement - go for it - the pain is only in your head, let those words out:)

    Kigen - Thank you for languishing in the river today. Comments from readers mean so much to someone who risks the writing!

  4. glad to see such lovely responses to your beautiful words. i am pondering their inspiration..."language, such a gift. comprehension, such a surprise." xoxooxox

  5. Again, I love the imagery. The flow of words. The surprise.