Monday, August 31, 2009


Flat white surface, no tooth, no direction, no aid is offered from the canvas
Can the painter master this surface, this call,
this moment

A formula, a purpose, a yearning
What will emerge, what image, what pattern will be caught
in this moment

Will it hang forever, find the trash bin or dump heap
Perhaps bask with love and honor in a home of praise and joy
A reminder of someone else’s
moment in time

Head on over to Abbey of the Arts and contribute a line or two of your own poetry regarding moments


  1. SS, I love that your poem is a reflection on the emerging of creation. Thanks so much for this offering!

  2. SS:
    A beautiful poem! You capture the fear and wonder of creation-in-process.

  3. I loved this - even as I just checked out a bunch of watercolor books from the library and am looking forward to seeing what comes forth.

  4. Abbey - thanks for the comment. This came to my mind when my sis asked me how I started a painting but I suspect this thought has been brewing since attending "Awakening...." Tx.

    Jennifer - I guess I can capture it as it's a familiar angst:) How do I begin, what comes first, will this piece really happen.....

    Dianne - oh, we never know where the inspiration will come from but beautiful books are a favorite stimulation technique for me too. Enjoy the beauty of the watercolor books:)