Monday, October 26, 2009

Hiring Women - only if you must

I don't open a lot of "forwards" I receive but the headline on this article sent from a friend/business colleague intrigued me. It's from a July 1943 Transportation Magazine (pretty close to the year I was born). The print is too small to read but I've summarized what the article had to say about "our sisters"! Enjoy?

Tips on "Getting more efficiency out of women employees"
No longer a question whether we can hire them or not - manpower shortage insists that we do. Here's how to use the female worker to the best advantage -

Pick young married women. More sense of responsibility than singles, less flirtatious, need the work, still have pep to work and deal with public efficiently.

If you have to hire older women, get those who have worked outside the home. Those never having worked with the public have a hard time adapting and are inclined to be cantankerous and fussy.

Husky girls, a little on the heavy side, are more even tempered and efficient than slimmer ones.

A physician should be hired for exam - one covering female conditions. This will protect us against lawsuit regarding female injury prior to our employing a weak one.

Give females a definite day-long schedule so they'll keep busy without bothering the management for instructions every few minutes. Some say that women make excellent workers once their jobs are defined - they generally lack initiative in self-starting tasks. Allow them a chance to change jobs from time to time - they'll be inclined toward less nervousness with this idea.

Every girl needs an adquate number of breaks; making allowance for the fact a girl will have more confidence and be more efficient if she can tidy her hair, apply fresh lipstick and wash her hands several times a day.

Be tactful when giving instruction or criticism. Sensitive as women are they can't shrug off harsh words the way men do. Never ridicule them. It may break their spirit and cut their efficiency.

Cut strong language around women; they'll dislike a place of business with too much swearing.

Remember sizing variety in operator's uniforms so that each girl will get a proper fit. This point can't be stressed too much in keeping women happy. HERE ENDS THE SUMMARY:)

So to say that we owe a debt of gratitude to those women who worked against these crazy, patronizing types of behavior from the male establishment is putting it lightly. Had our sisters not waded into the work place in numbers and with voices, the glass ceiling would not even be a subject ever named.


  1. And there is still a looonnng way to go.

  2. If I hear one more time, "I'm not a feminist but..." We are more to blame than the men.

  3. B and K - thanks - yes, there is more to be accomplished and more than men to blame for women's lack of accomplishment!

    I remember as a young adult woman beginning to hear the "feminists" and me thinking, what are they trying to accomplish? Oh, I'm so glad they weren't listening to me!!! I'm so grateful for the freedom as a woman that I do have and I feel certain that my granddaughters will NOT be settling for less!