Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mission Statement

Today while visiting one of my regular blogsites, Whatever Else My Life Is, I found a very interesting set of thoughts and questions there about why one writes and the suggestion that being able to summarize one's ultimate goal for writing into a few concise words could be classified as a Mission Statement. Hmmm, mission statement. Well, I've never thought about my blog header being a mission statement but perhaps it is........ -

"Busy is not a word or a way to define one's worth"
- Sunrise Sister

For me blogging isn't just about brushing my teeth or walking the dog - I go to facebook for that kind of chitchat. For the blog I try for concise pieces that flush out reflection on a bit of my life that I take seriously and something possibly to challenge my readers into reflection, action, or conversation. I want to think about hard issues, results, goals and practices that make my life richer for thinking or doing them and for sharing them with others.

For example, my friend at Mission in Malawi, blogged this summer about a family journey . I followed the site not to ascertain only whether or not her kids got sick on the trip or whether she hated the place because it did or didn't meet her expectations, I read it because I expected it to be a rich and full-spirited reflection of a life-changing event happening to real people in real time. I was not disappointed.

I guess I want the same thing to happen here at the MindSieve. I want you to read and be happy, or annoyed, or reflective about the subject I've presented. If possible, I want comment and conversation, controversial or not, I want attention, friendship, and somewhere credit (I don't need to know about the credit) that I've made a difference in your thinking for the day. I've made you laugh or cry or just think more seriously about an issue that is important to me and maybe to you also but one you just haven't articulated anywhere yet.

So, yes, I guess I do have a Mission Statement with my header - I don't type out posts on a daily basis just to keep me "busy" - busy is NOT a way I want to define my worth or my life.

SS Photo of Olympic Runner in Athens, Greece - it looks like he had a mission


  1. very nicely articulated! and i think the photo accompanies it quite well. xoxo

    so...try not to pop out too much profundity while i'm away, ok?

  2. Well, I will give you credit anyway, even if you don't need to hear it out loud. You always give me something to think about, a little bit different way to look at the world, and some thoughts to wrestle with. I know that blogging isn't busy work to you. It is sacred work. Thank you for showing up here day after day. It matters to me. Love....

  3. Lucy - can't wait to hear of your Ireland experience:)

    Rebecca - thank you so much for your encouraging words. You saw how you inspired me right into that post! Thanks as always for reading.

  4. Very well put!! If a blog becomes something to keep you "busy" then you are not enjoying it. Enjoyment and getting your feelings out there are the reasons to blog! Keep doing it your way!

    As a side note - I would appreciate it if you had a few moments to email me - I have a SURPRISE for someone you have taken photographs for. I will give you full details!

  5. Quite right. I think this applies to so many things in life. It's like fearing to be alone, sometimes we keep busy to keep from facing things.

    I'm very glad your blog is the right kind of space.

  6. Hi Tess, Thanks for the comment. Hope you had a good time with our buddies abroad:)

  7. Angie, You'll have to give me a clue here about the surprise...

  8. Anonymous5:46 PM

    I like this! when I get to looking at your blog, I find it worthwhile. Wish I could do it daily. I am thinking FB is a distraction! And basically, there's a lot there I don't need to know! But it seems THE way to keep connected with kids and such!
    Anyway, thanks Dianna for your blog. I love the way you express your thoughts. JG

  9. Dear JG - I'm so happy when I know you've had a minute to take a look at what the ol' MindSieve has to say - thank you!