Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nothing comes.........

Last night reading, I came upon a little quote from William Shakespeare. I share it here -

"Nothing comes from doing nothing"

.....and the photo? It's a lowly, slow-moving spotted slug (rather large and slimy) whom I met last weekend in the woods of Hood Canal. I examined him closely and he looked up at me as if to say, "Please don't bother me, I'm on a journey to my grandma's for the holidays." Do you think he'd also read Shakespeare and been inspired to get a move on?

P.S. Readers - one of my very original posts was about slugs.......


  1. Bless your heart for being kind to slugs. I personally prefer to avoid them at all costs. Hope your little slug found his way to wherever he needed to be.

  2. Rebecca - I really don't like them very much but I just don't have the heart anymore to just out and out kill them:( Especially I wouldn't bother one in the woods that is
    r u n n i n g
    r a c e :)

  3. oh, you and the slugs - i was so grateful to go back and read your very early post. this reminds me of my own jelly fish encounter. i swear that beautiful slimey pile of air turned and looked right at me! xoxoxo

  4. Lucy and Rebecca, Oh yeah the fascination with the slimy creatures is weird to me as well. I'm afraid my compassion ends however with a big black spider appearing in my bathroom occasionally. I do prefer capturing and flushing to squashing but spider stings don't do great things for my body so it's sort of them or least I try to think of the killing in that way:(......that's what war is all about isn't it?