Sunday, November 15, 2009


Normally in the morning after prayer and meditation time, I open my computer, skim over my email messages and then read from the feeds of my selected bloggers. The comments I read are often continuations of my spiritual time. This quote from Diane Walker is an example of that continuation - I often find food for thought at Diane's site.

"Trusting God allows us to release our illusions of control and our
exhausting habits of separation"

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Photo SS - trusting at 30.0 feet


  1. I, too, visit Diane's site every day. I count her among cherished friends. We have found we share many things. Her writing is beautiful. Thank you for calling out this quote from her blogpost. It is perfect for this Sunday.

    I apologize for the problem on my blog. Somehow, the colors got changed; I think I have the problem fixed now for today's and future posts.

    Also, many thanks for mentioning my blog yesterday. I so appreciate your very kind and gracious words.

  2. Hi Maureen,
    Glad to see that we have Diane's site in common. She is multi-talented!

    Occasionally on my site, a font will change color for seemingly no reason. Looking forward to visiting your site today so I can catch up.

    And you are so welcome. I watched Karen Armstrong's TED speech yesterday and found her to be quite inspirational. Thanks for introducing her to me. (Originally when I read her name I thought she was a former adviser to not!)

  3. oh those "exhausting habits of separation"... SPLIT seems to be my current word. thanks for sharing this. guess i need to check out diane's site since you and maureen both recommend :-) xoxoox

  4. hmmmm... just saw diane walker's picture and know that i have met her. would you happen to know how or where? geez...something else to try and sort through my own mind sieve.

  5. Lucy,
    I think Diane looks very familiar but I can't pin down where our paths might have crossed either.

  6. Thank you for this. Sometimes I put the cart before the horse - I try to let go of my illusions of control without the active trust part, and then I just scare myself silly.

  7. Pollinatrix - love your comment!:)