Sunday, December 06, 2009


"I bless Thee for that knocking at my heart's door that warns me of Thy waiting presence."

Quote from A Diary of Private Prayer - John Baillie


  1. Thank you for sharing Baillie's lovely blessing.

    May peace be with you.

  2. I'm very curious about what that actually is in the photo. It's beautiful. Is it a plaque, or a pin, or what?

  3. Maureen,

    You are welcome. This little diary of John Baillie's has accompanied me in my morning prayers now for three years. The prayers are always fresh for me even though I repeat them each month. Thanks for reading.

    Pollinatrix -
    It's a blessing plaque at the door of the chaplain's house at St. Andrew's Episcopal Retreat House in Hood Canal, WA. Thanks for asking and for stopping by:)