Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A mess of my own making

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Yesterday was my birthday and it was a joyous day with exercise and errands, nice gifts, warm greetings from friends and family and settling back into my working studio. I say "settling back" because prior to my Thanksgiving Holiday guests arriving, I had put the space into some semblance of order for visitor viewing. The paint table was given new brown paper, the old palette sheets had been discarded, the rags placed in their proper place and in general the space looked as neat as it is ever going to look.

But after everyone left, I was at it again - pulling out projects, checking on the old, starting the new. Ancestors' pictures surround me again on every surface for my family tree research, cataloging and scrapbooking and frankly I should be the only person allowed in this space for some time to come:)

What is it about some of us that love a tidy space but really adore working at our leisure and in the mess as it develops around us? I often feel guilty that I can turn tidy into a rat's nest very quickly. On the other hand, it is my space (I'm lucky to have it all to myself) and there is a door on it that can be closed.

With the thoughts of my mess-making ability, I share with you that I received a little book called "Keel's Simple Diary" as a gift yesterday and on the first page (as on all pages, I think) there were several -choose one- selections to help me with summarizing a typical day.

To complete my daily diary it was suggested that I choose a statement to sum up my Feeling At Home statement for the day from the following three options:

1. Opening an organized, odorless refrigerator filled with everything you like.
2. A mess of your own making, reassuring diversions to keep you busy and engaged in every corner.
3. The same person or animal that sometimes makes you want to leave your home.

Now, #1. is a wonderful option and when the task is complete, I love that feeling.
And, #3. is not applicable to me in any instance.

But, #2 - a mess of my own making, etc. That's just downright comfort for me!

How about you? Does only tidy do it for you? Do you sometimes or maybe always just realize that everything is everywhere and you don't know how it happened but it really doesn't seem to matter? I'm not the only one that this happens to, am I?
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  1. I absolutely do this, too! I see the same ebb and flow go on in my sewing spaces. There are times that I must have things spread out in order to see what I need to see and create as I want with them. But at times it's equally necessary to gather gear and supplies back into some semblance of order before the process begins again. And yes, sometimes my entire house looks like the proverbial bomb went off in it. Fortunately, in no more than two weeks, my cleaning lady will come, so I must get things back in their places once again. And thank goodness for that motivation! Rest assured that you are not the only one with the messy/neat cycle happening in your house.

  2. The angel of the blogosphere is at it again - this is the second post regarding messiness that I've come across in the past couple of days, and I've been working on one of my own, about the messiness of Christmas, families, children.

    The irony for me is that I'm not a great housekeeper, but I'm negatively affected by being surrounded by mess. When I have one of my sporadic housecleaning fits, I feel so calm and wonderful once the house is all clean and in order.

    Well, for an hour or so, until my family members mess it up again.

  3. OH - and Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I'd opt for #2 as well. To have a room of one's own is divine and if a mess of one's own is all that's needed to keep busy and engaged, well, bring on the mess.

  5. Belated happy birthday - it only seems like five minutes since the last one!!

    Oh, this question of mess is huge for me. I live in a constant terrible self-imposed state of mess and I loathe it and am embarrassed by it but I can't seem to conquer it. Not a positive experience at all. I hate this aspect of the way I live, and I hate myself because of it. (You struck a nerve, can you tell??)

  6. Oh Tess - I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one!

  7. MS - oh thank goodness for the luxury of household help as I too, must straighten carefully before they arrive in order to allow them to clean. ALAS or HOORAY, I don't know which, I don't let them behind my closed door. I'm the only one who cleans there. But it does give me hope to know that you stir up a mess also!:)


  8. Pollinatrix - Oh yes, I do have a very good feeling when things are back in place and clean - and the housekeeping help has gone. Although I do clean "my Space" personally, I do like it in order occasionally:) My spouse does not ever consider it neat...that's why it's called "my space" and not his:)

    And thanks for the birthday greeting!