Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shameless Theft

Tuning fork (Diapason) on resonance box, by Ma...Image via Wikipedia

This morning perusing my favorite bloggers, I came upon this beautiful quote at an equally beautiful site - Contemplative Photography. With shameless abandon but with a note that Contemplative Photography daily has thoughts and photos worth reading, I give you the same words here from Richard Rohr's Naked Now :

"Prayer is actually setting out a tuning fork. All you can really do in the spiritual life is get tuned to receive the always present message. Once you are tuned, you will receive, and it has nothing to do with worthiness or the group you belong to, but only inner resonance and a capacity for mutuality. The Sender is absolutely and always present and broadcasting; the only change is with the receiver station...

Most simply put, prayer is something that happens to you, much more than anything you privately do...God stops being an object of attention... and becomes at some level your own "I am."

...You are already a child of God, equipped with everything you need to begin resonating with the divine. That does not mean you are morally or psychologically perfect. Not at all. But you will now have the freedom to see such failings in yourself, to grow and to love better because of them."

How appropriate that the "tuning fork" would be brought to my mind, such a wonderful tool analogy for prayer and for the soul. There has been a lot of "soul talk" the last couple of days over at Country Parson and at Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy. Not only are the posts worth reading but the comments also - happy tuning in today from the MindSieve!

Image of a beautiful tuning fork from wikipedia
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  1. I did not know of Rohr's writings until Diane introduced him. I've put Naked Now on my book list.

    Your image of the tuning fork is great.

    Discussions online have been wonderful. I always read the Comments sections. I always learn from them.

  2. Maureen - thanks for reading. I have one Richard Rohr book on my nightstand and with your reminder have just ordered two of LL Barkat's latest books that will be arriving after Christmas. Can't wait to read more of her writing. I am wowed by your prolific writings and references - you offer a great deal to all your readers. I also very much enjoy reading what you have to say, not just what you suggest others have to say.

    I enjoy the comments sections of blogsites so much as other writers bring such richness and new thought into my life - those scoffing at bloggers are a mystery to me. They don't know the goodness they're missing:)

    Thanks for your comments.


  3. i have yet to purchase my own RR book, however, i read his daily meditations on line. more times than not, i find him to meet me right where i am. perhaps we are "tuned" to the same frequency.

    the comments in my last post on "soul" are so rich, i want to offer a whole other post simply to honor them!

    so glad you joined this community!!! xoxox