Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Bible in 5..........

Waaaaaay last year in 2009, I received a forwarded Meme challenge from Tess about summarizing the Bible in five words or phrases. I don't know that "easy" would describe what came to my mind but having saved it in a little notepad I carry in my handbag, I decided to share my words/phrases with you today. The challenge can be fully understood by visiting Tess's post of 12/22/09 but the five words/phrases are to be constructed by #1 being one word, #2 two words, etc. Here are my words -

1. evolutionary
2. historical hysteria

3. laws for living
4. tales of humanity's confusion
5. deliverance from sin; good news

So what do you think of my five phrases and why not add your own five in the comments section today?

Photo courtesy of Anchors and Masts Blog 12/22/09


  1. 1.Inspirational
    2. Thought provoking
    3. Iconic human stories
    4. Memories, guidelines, promises, observations
    5.Recounting Divine Instances, Interventions, Transformations

  2. Describing the bible in five words or phrases. Well.

    1. beginnings
    2. poetic love
    3. urgency of spirit
    4. wisdom sometimes not wanted
    5. music for the tired soul

    Don't know if I did that right. But there it is! :)

    Hey, you should come by http://highcallingblogs.com and join the community. We reopened and we'd love to have your sweet presence.

  3. Dr. W - love your phrases!

    L.L. - it's fun to throw these challenges out to "word people" - never disappointed. Thanks for the "highcallingblogs.com" info and invite. I'll have to check it out.

  4. Thanks for carrying this on, I like your phrases. It's great how different everyone's interpretation is.

  5. i remember when tess posted this and i was so grateful she didn't tag me. as i pondered today, i ended up writing two cinques. am i brave enough to post? oh what the heck... guess i'll go with the flow :-)

    Ancient Wisdom
    Inspired by God
    Alive today & always
    Welcoming all who willingly come

    Rigid Bible readers scare me.
    They invoke a weapon
    and forget Love,
    hurting others.


  6. Tess, this was fun and I loved the comments I/we received:)

    Lucy - think your cinques are terrif!


  7. Good Grief! I'm just an old teacher and preacher. I don't do anything in just five words.

  8. OK, OK OK. How's this?
    T eaching
    O utreach
    R econciliation
    A ffirmation
    H ope

  9. Dear CP - old teach and preacher who doesn't like following someone else's rules I see....but for someone who didn't follow the outline I'm giving you a very +passing grade for imagination and inventiveness:)

    We like the TORAH!


  10. SS, Been thinking about this for a long time. These don't completely sum it up, but it's a try. : )

    Beautiful words
    Full of comfort
    Absolutely foundational for me
    Where I first met Jesus


  11. Rebecca,

    Your words are terrific - thanks for sharing in this little activity!