Saturday, January 02, 2010

Life is too short

Crisp cold air, sunshine on the snow and he smiles
Why for heavens sake would a snowman smile on a sunny day
Perhaps he's felt the joy of being fashioned by tiny, cold hands
Heard the giggles and squeals of happiness while being coaxed into life snowball by snowball

Crisp cold air, sunshine on the snow and he smiles
How for heavens sake could he avoid a smile on this sunny, though icy day of his creation
Life is too short to worry about melting
Suck in the brisk cold and smile; life might'nt be longer but it could be happier with a snowman's smile to mime


  1. You brought a snowman into life, warmed by your hands and heart. Life is eternal. True life, that is.

  2. Thanks Maureen!

    Roy.....and of course I also believe that life is eternal but part of my snowman point was/is that worrying about the "melting" doesn't sweeten anything nor delay the inevitable:)


  3. wonderful!!! xoxo

  4. Lucy - FYI - He's cute huh? The kids across the street had such a good time. Mr. Snowman lasted less than 24 hours but that didn't make his being any less meaningful:)


  5. Do you know the poem "The Snowman" by Wallace Stevens? It's been traveling around the blogosphere lately. One place you can read it is here:

    My two-year-old is totally into snowmen right now. She's always asking me to sing "Frosty the Snowman" to her when I put her to bed.