Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Virtual Office Visit

Over at Lucy's place last Friday, she offered us a view of her personal blogging/creative space. As well, she invited each of us to share photos of our workspaces. I hesitated a bit as my space is rather "nesty" - shall I say, lots of sticks and twigs, and feathers all around - all of the time! But with not too much tidying up - I present - tadah!~~

Computer ground zero. As you can see, I'm surrounded - my devotional books for the a.m. on one corner, little books of notes and reminders strewn around the desk with always many too many pens and pencils or not ONE in sight when I need it! On the right side of my desk where it makes an "L" turn, a family photo, along with my beginner's stack of Soul Collage Cards, my Kindle, Netflix and this week a beginning art project with a young girl that I visit with once a week....we're working on a photo collage together. If you squint you can probably see that I have art tables and easel across the room from my desk. When I'm not behind this computer, I like to be working in one of those spots - the room looks like a hurricane hit it during painting/cutting/pasting/collage time!

And lastly, behind me is a handy filing case that gets filled with the overflow from my desk with things I'm going to get around to, or are meaning to, or will start soon, or want to read next.....stacks. I've lowered the height of the stacks for easier viewing - use your imagination.

Summary, I like LOTS of stimuli surrounding me and my mind does whirl from spot to spot and that works for me. Sometimes I put LOTS of things out of sight, as I do have some lovely cabinets for that purpose, but mostly I keep what I like to use, to contemplate posts and to construct art projects close at hand! Thanks for visiting:)!


  1. Thank you for letting us in for a couple of glimpses. I enjoyed the tour.

  2. I like your nesty place. And the art in the sidebar! :)

  3. oh i loved this virtual visit. it's even more inviting in person :-)

  4. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Looks very inviting....in my case, out of sight, out of mind is just that. If I want to remember it, I have to keep it out where I can see it! ha! (thus, a virtual mess that I need to work on!) How great that you could let us tour your wonderful spot! JG

  5. I love it! Thanks for inviting me over. I love these posts where people give us a little glimpse into their "real world". Now I get to imagine where you do all of your fabulous creating!