Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Ashes - Maui

Stepping onto the ancient paths of my being
what mystery awaits me there
footprints of the sea, of the stars, of my ancestors

Ancestors of the outrigger,
the Jordan, the valley, the font
Ancestors on the sea, across the plains, across the light

Will I see them as bright as the evening star
understanding their existence as I would recognize it
has already burned and flown to yet more distant galaxies

Will I recognize their presence in the ashes marking my forehead this day
and carry them into my own desert, my own Iao Valley,
my own sandy shore or constellation

With the ashes of your fire on my forehead and heart
grant me the power to reveal ancient paths to those after me
those yearning for their own ancient paths of love and redemption

Photo of amazing work by Monica Stobie - Tree of Life - Nature Song 30" x 20" available 

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This poetry was inspired by a sermon from the Reverend Moki Hino's book Pa'a Kai, comments from Barefoot Toward the Light, Abbey of the Arts, Jeremiah 6:16, and a personal tour of the Iao Valley-Maui led by Country Parson.


  1. Beautiful poem! And "Nature Song" is wonderful.

  2. Maureen - thank you! Yes, "Nature Song" is a beautiful piece. Monica is an amazing artist that has been delighting her followers for more than 20 years of painting and sculpting.

    I think you're on a business trip - may it be successful and free from angst....