Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Still, silent in the moment as in anticipation of the prey
Feeling the breath - the in between time
Emptiness, expectation
Hope for capturing the moment

Living into the hush of the already past
Will I ever capture the silence
The meaning of the in-between
Will I ever capture myself

Painting - "Acrylic Quilt" by Dianna S. Woolley


  1. This is lovely. I especially like the notion capturing the silence of the "in between time".

  2. oh this was worth waiting for!!! "acrylic quilt" is absolutely stunning... just perfect for that upcoming one woman show :-) xoxoox

    ...and i love how you have captured your breath.

  3. Maureen - that "in between time" that we exercise in yoga or meditation is a mysterious moment. I'm glad you confirmed recognition of the phrase - I hoped there were many who would.

    Lucy - Yay and thanks - this painting was so much fun to do, I expect the theme will be alive in the next couple of canvases.....I knew you would recognize the breath:)


  4. Neat! The poem and the quilt :-)

  5. Well this is beautiful and fits perfectly with an exhibition I visited yesterday, so I linked it it. Serendipity. The words complement it so well.