Sunday, March 07, 2010

Remembering the Desert Fathers and Mothers

St Anthony the GreatImage via Wikipedia

Their cells darker than night
No beams of light, stars nor even the moon
Eyes squeezed tightly against the void,
Risking the chance of sleep rather than facing the exhausting persistence of their unknown internal, external, and eternal demons

God merciful, loving and weary of the darkness
spilled galaxies of light upon eyes seeking rest or deliverance from the blackness
The full moon illuminating for them sure and certain knowledge of their Eternal Creator's generosity

Cells transformed from initial doubt, panic and despair to promise
The ultimate recognition of their own shallow, tentative breathing in the dark
being the tiny human thread connected to eternity and the absolute breath of God their Redeemer

3/6/10 - Quiet Day Reflection re Desert Fathers & Mothers and their cell lives (as in dwelling - not as in their Iphones)
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  1. Thank you for this lovely reflection.

  2. It's a beautiful post indeed, and thanks for clarifying "cell"! :-)

  3. Thank you Maureen!

    MS - sometimes what we write is open to a lot of interpretation and obviously "cell" does not immediately bring to mind a 6x6 box with no lighting, windows, floors or furniture - quite a stark life left by Desert ancestors. Thanks for reading and commenting:)