Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What could be heavy about Holy?

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Holy Week - sounds nice doesn't it?  I mean what could be heavy about holy?  I seem to forget each year what a heavy week is that, which we call Holy Week.  

Seems simple enough, visit church for a short time each day, think of my sins, think of the imminent death of the founder of my faith, participate in life with other worshipers who have been asked to share just a part of what their life with Jesus means to them, participate in Holy Communion, pray, remember those dead and dying, those in sorrow, need sickness or any other adversity, those held captive by enemies, those held captive from their own crimes, victims of war,.....my mind drifts to the terrorists in Moscow killing innocent commuters, the arrest of a group claiming to be a "Christian militia group" - what does THAT mean - a "Christian" militia group - I must have the distasteful sensation that every devout Muslim has when someone calls a group "a Muslim terrorist group"............come back mind to the prayer book!  There's a LOT to  ponder during this HOLY Week!

So tonight, only the second day of this week, I feel spent from a day of emotional highs and lows.  This a.m. the celebration of a friend's birthday with laughter, age jokes, stories of our kids, spouses, our childhood memories - some fond, some not so - the joy and sadness of lives attempting to be led with love, understanding, and compassion for others.  Later today the news of a friend's death,  news of successful surgery for a young boy, news of an upcoming surgery for a church friend, and the weather turning dark and cold today on top of the profusion of tulips, jonquils, and flowering trees that dress so many yards and street corners welcoming spring.

Yes, it's Holy Week.  I said to a blogger friend yesterday, this week is for me a week of hope.  Hope of the resurrection.  Hope of changed lives and loves.  Hope of peace and salvation.  And tonight, selfishly, just a simple prayer for an early lights out into a peaceful night.
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  1. Hope is one thing I feel, too. And I make the choice to believe, to hold faith.

    May peace be with you.

  2. You are a very busy woman, Sunrise Sister!
    I too join you in hope -- resurrection, changed lives, peace and salvation.
    Yes, all of this :-)


  3. Maureen and Claire -
    May you continue to be blessed with your prayers of hope and as Claire so states with changed lives, peace and salvation
    thank you for reading and commenting!