Sunday, May 30, 2010

Waffle or Sugar.....

Picture of Waffle ice cream cones from http://...Image via Wikipedia

"Life is a reflection of your choices.  
If you don't like what it is showing you, choose differently."*
Eve Eschner Hogan from The Way of the Winding Path**

*Choices and changes - next week's topic here at the MINDSIEVE
**The Way of the Winding Path - a fascinating little book about one's journey through the labyrinth of life.  I highly recommend this read.

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  1. sooo... what is it - waffle or sugar?

  2. For me it's often sugar. But I do love a good waffle cone full of Ono gelato:)

  3. Ha ha. I bought ice cream and cones on a total whim yesterday (I don't even like ice cream that much). I didn't get waffle or sugar, though, but the old school kind.