Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Big 5K

Today was a special day for me.  Those of you who know me well will probably already have read it on Facebook or through a personal email or maybe you just heard me blabbing all around town as though I was the ONLY person who had ever entered and run a 5K race.  Yep, I entered and completed a YMCA 5K fun run event this a.m.  I've been training for it since late spring and when the race was canceled about 6 weeks ago, I was very disappointed..... and frankly, sort of lost my oomph for the idea.  When the race was suddenly rescheduled for June 26, I once again opted in, but I admittedly was internally a little less enthusiastic than I was on my first registration.  I didn't really talk about it much with anyone and actually only told my spouse a couple of days ago that "it" was on for this Saturday.

As he was driving me to the event this a.m. he commented that I seemed rather cool about the event and that didn't I have just a little butterfly or two in my tummy - a butterfly or two?! I thought the whole West Coast Monarch migration had landed inside my belly!  So, signing in, getting my number, looking over the other participants like I knew they were looking over me..........the butterflies did increase!  One or two young women arrived who had on very, very short shorts and not an OUNCE of body fat on them - I looked away quickly!  A few very heavy competitors,  and several kids 10-12 years old, some 20 and 30 year olds and maybe someone in the crowd was in their 40's - "Oh my - what was I thinking?"

"Get behind me loud voices in my head - I can, I will do this" and then we began.  "Go, run," shouted the starter (low tech starter) - and then insistently again, RUN!......"as though I wasn't:)?"  I had to smile to myself and said, "RUN!"  I thought better of that in a short time.....  was definitely at the back of the pack, and then I felt the shy, young man, about 6'3", sort of tiptoe around me as if to say, "I'm sorry, I must pass you:)"  Another smile from me.  The next thought came about 1/2 kilometer or less, I thought, "Oh, just turn around and go back; no way, I came to start and to finish this event!"  There were more hills than I expected, I walked fast plenty of feet, yards, whatever and I knew I was last but I'll tell you right now there was no way, knowing that I was last that I wasn't going to finish.......even when I had to stop and tie my shoe!  Dang it!  I thought briefly about running with it untied but it was worrying me so that I figured a short stop was better than a giant spill - I'm not totally without brains!

Enough details - yes, I managed to pick up the run to the finish line, yes, there was a rooting section there and yes, I was hot, dusty and SO HAPPY!

All of this is to say - I don't think one has to go out for a 5K race or even anything athletic but finding something that you've never done before, practicing it, pursuing it, DECIDING you will do it, is a totally empowering feeling.  Thank you for letting me share it with you - and let me know if you're secretly working on a project or event of your own.  I'd love to join your cheering section!!!
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  1. Dianne, I'm so very proud of you. What an awesome accomplishment. I loved reading you blog...the butterfly comment...loved it and love you. See you soon.

  2. oh, yeah - i've read it and heard it in about as many forums as possible and still this brings tears to my eyes. You rock!!!

    this scene reminded me of a race (an 8k maybe?) i did MANY years ago. it was a winter race in oklahoma so only the die-hards signed up. as i chugged along at the back of the pack - the race ambulance trailed me at what they thought was a respectable distance. i finally turned around and said, "i'm not gonna die or anything. i'm just slow." my 29 year old ego was a little bruised, but i still finished that race. 'cuz you know - the only way you can finish the race is to start it!


    btw - nice new blog look!!

  3. Lucy -

    Wow, I love your story - the guard cycler today had the decency to go ahead of me rather than trail me - I told Steve I felt like I was "cougar bait" - ya know the weak one left behind in the herd?:)) He assured me that he thought the cougars had the sense to stay in their dens today!

    Another new mantra for us - "the only way......

    glad you like the new look - nice for a change


  4. Jadean-

    Thank you! ....and thank you for letting me friends and family are so supportive and this achievement has been a big one for me:)

    Indeed, I'll see you soon!


  5. Bravo, bravo, bravo! this is fantastic! Wow...

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    third try! (I post comments and they don't appear!)
    I am really surprised - NOT! Go,girl! :) JG

  7. Hey Claire, Maureen, and JG -

    Thank you, thank you! It was a very exciting day for me and so glad you all came to read about it and leave your support:)!


  8. Bruno Finocchio6:56 PM

    Congratulations SS.


  9. Hey Bruno - thanks! xo

  10. Oh, I don't know how I missed this, but I did. Wow! Congratulations, this is a fantastic thing you did!