Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1 Countdown

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Countdown to what you might ask?  Well, three weeks from today we will depart on a long dreamed of cruise to the South Pacific.  We've refused to succumb to counting away the days but now with September 1 arriving we are preparing each day in fun and for us, interesting ways.

 For example - I finished my re-reads of James Michener's HAWAII and TALES OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC early this summer.   I'm now reading William Manchester's OUT OF DARKNESS ( see Country Parson today for that book's review:))  I'm also re-reading a fabulous book by Phil Cousineau entitled THE ART OF PILGRIMAGE.  Similar to the first time I read it, I've been intrigued from the first words of the Forward and marvel each day at what Cousineau has to say on the subject of travel and pilgrimage.  For example in the introduction he writes, and I quote:

"Within these chapters are stories, anecdotes, quotes, and vignettes interlaced with practical suggestions from travelers, artists, and pilgrims thoughout history.  Connecting these voices are a series of meditations or contemplations that suggest different ways to practice what pilgrims and poets and keenly perceptive travelers have done for centuries, to see with the "eyes of the heart," as the Sufis say, and transform the inevitable ordeals of of your journey into opportunities to learn something about yourself and the wide world around you." 

And a quote in the book from Mark Twain -  "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."

So it goes in the beginning of my studies toward knowing more about the vast Pacific and yet another part of this globe that we will be visiting, sailing through, resting upon, etc.  I find these topics fascinating - maybe you'll like hearing about some of them also - particularly for ANY trip of consequence, I recommend the Cousineau book.  Anyone out there read anything of Mr. Cousineau's?

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  1. Sounds like a truly wonderful trip! We want to see loads of photos.

  2. A countdown is always exciting. And your trip is indeed very exciting. Where will you go in the South Pacific? South Pacific for me is a musical and WWII...
    Which sort of pilgrimage do you intend to do in the South Pacific? I guess you can sense that I would love to know more about it :-)

  3. Hi Tess,
    I expect the ocean will look a lot the same for those cruising days (versus port days) and there are plenty of cruising days on this pictures? We'll see:)


  4. Claire -

    We start in San Diego, California (where I will meet a cousin I haven't seen in fifty years:) and cruise to the Hawaiian Island where we will make 5 port stops in as many days. We've been to Hawaii so many times that we know, on our own, what activities we'll be taking in the ports - friends, galleries, fine dining, etc.

    Then we REALLY cruise south to the Isle of Kiribati. We dock but the island is so small there are no "scheduled" shore activities. We've contacted a person there and will be taking a small private tour.

    Then on down to the French Polynesian Islands of Tahitia, Bora Bora, Moorea and then back to San Diego.

    The pilgrimage I expect will be one of rest, recreation, and revelation. The revelation in seeing an amazing ocean, its weather, its skies, its legends which we have been reading up on. So I expect that our Godde will have plenty to say to me on this journey and I plan to listen:)


  5. I will be happy for you instead of jealous. I really will.