Thursday, December 09, 2010

A great little holiday

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Most regular readers here know that I engaged a Life Coach this year and that I've found great delight in shedding some of myself:) as well as discovering a great deal about the energy and creativity I have to give and that I am offering to others.  Today on Tonya's site, she offers a reading regarding the "10 most important minutes of your day" as well as inviting readers to submit their ideas for "ruling your own little holiday season."  I decided I'd share with you my short first take on ruling a great little holiday here in the Pacific Northwest -

What a great idea "ruling one's own little holiday!"  I'd be in the company of my beloved spouse, my sister, my brother, my in-laws, my outlaws, (divorced but still family)my beloved children and grandchildren.  We'd all be laughing around a gorgeous decorated tree and telling stories of where we've been, where we are, and where we want to be in 10 years.  We wouldn't be counting regrets.  Some of us would be slimmer, some might even have gained a little weight but we would all be living with thankful hearts and the blessedness of knowing what it means to be the best we can be in God's plan for our lives.  We'd acknowledge the power of self-awareness in our lives - of what joy that brings to us personally and the joy it is to share that gift of self-awareness with others!  We'd know that we didn't DO or bring about our style, our homes, our material goods all by ourselves.  There were others who encouraged us, who shared the best of themselves to give us a hand, a boost, a hug when we needed it.  We'd feast on fine food, lovingly prepared and presented, again all the while remembering those in this world who have not yet found or been given that boost that they need to find themselves, their place, their own little world!  That would be an amazing little holiday for me!

So my little story would make for an amazing holiday, yet, my imagination cannot make all of the story above actually materialize as I would have it.  It seems the holidays are sad times for many, many people as they wonder WHY they are NOT experiencing a perfect holiday season like everyone else is?  Well, the sad truth is that everyone else is NOT necessarily celebrating a perfect holiday season.  Life is sad, life is not the way we want it always to be as in our imagination, but LIFE is good, it is a GIFT, it is to be loved, appreciated and celebrated.  I pray that your holiday season, though maybe not as perfect as you imagine, may be filled with the realization of your own life, your own gift - and with just that bit of knowledge, your holiday will be celebrated!
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  1. i'm so blessed to be able to share a little corner of this perfect/imperfect world with you. xooxox

    i'll see what i can do about a christmas tree and some delicious food :)