Friday, February 18, 2011

Coming Attractions II**


Mixed-Media Collage, 24" x 36"

"While role models are helpful, we are not called to copy other people.  Rather, we are to become fully the people God created us to be, living our own lives in response to our own calls - as Jesus lived out his life faithful to God's call for him.  So it is that hearing one's call is akin to discovering one's self."*
What interesting paths we are led or called to in our lives.....innocent and seemingly little acts of influence from others,  habits we develop,  urges, and magnetic forces take us where they will.  Role models' lives that we've admired or interacted with, whose mere existence seemed beyond our grasp, become easy acquaintances and not so far from where our own paths have steered us.

In my life right now, I'm amazed at forces that have brought me to this place of contentment that I find in my construction of mixed-media collages. I marvel at the energy that  is projected toward me and drawn from my own childrens' ambitious lives, the joy of sharing discovery in a sibling's life of her talents and achievements, the glow in my heart from living with a spouse who continues to follow his own call to work with people of faith and people of little and sometimes no faith, the tears shared, the smiles and laughter coming from friends recovering from grief, the recent joy of admission from a friend that she had been plagued by certain possible situations occurring in her life and her being surprised that when the events did occur, she actually survived them and marveled at how wonderful it is to be finished with those fears!  A rebirth, a reawakening of call, of existence, of life!

Coming Attractions II** refers to my one woman show scheduled for June, 2011, but coming attractions too also points to the vitality and conviction that I feel I'm stepping into at this time in my life.  How about you?  Are you feeling a call for something new, a long-held fear that should be erased, the knowledge that there is more to life than you've been allowing yourself to experience?  Why not embrace coming attractions too and get on with our amazing life.

*Quote - "Listening Hearts/Discerning Call in Community" - Morehouse Publishing

**Opening Reception - June 3, 2011 
Gallery at the Weinhard
Weinhard Hotel - Dayton, WA


  1. Congratulations on the show! Your collage above is fantastic.

  2. you had me at the quote... and now i'm sniffling and cheering and quivering with all of the possibilities for you, me, us, the world... xoxoxo

  3. p.s. the collage actually grabbed me first. wow! fabulous!!!

  4. Sunrise Sister, this is so exciting! Your collage is fabulou, and I'm so happy for your coming exhibition! Bravo, bravo, bravo!

  5. Maureen -

    the show work is proceeding nicely, thanks for the praise.


  6. Hey Lucy -

    Always look forward to your "unbiased" comments:)


  7. Claire -

    So nice to hear from you - thank you for the bravos - I'll take 'em!:)