Sunday, January 15, 2012

Celebrate - Live it! II

16" x 20" Mixed Media Collage - Tattoo Tilework
I wrote of my 2012 words of the year and shared the concept of celebrating this big year in my life with a friend who asked me the other day "how's the celebration coming along?"  So today, I thought about that - HOW am I "living it?" Switch off now if boring is too much for you:)  

-Yoga practice and running are better than ever
- I actually got in a couple of 10K runs in the last week - btw - I always take a BIG rest after those long runs.  The runs aren't exactly "easy" - I'm afraid I grimace inside a little when someone projects on me that everything is easy for me because I'm a runner?
-We celebrated New Year's Day with friends for brunch after church.
-We've had three last minute serendipity dinners here in our remodeled kitchen/family room and that's a resolution that I've made and broken more than once in the past.  Friends are so important and should be celebrated often!
-In nurturing friendships, I've special lunch dates coming up on three occasions - one to celebrate a friend's dear mother's 90th birthday.
-This weekend we've had the pleasure of attending Walla Walla's first winter Chamber Music Festival It's been a doozy with guest performances of "Project Trio" from Brooklyn, NY.
-We celebrated with a young couple at a reception for their 30th wedding anniversary, side by side with their children who were just past toddler age when we first met them here in WW - now a freshman and senior in college.
-We've met and made new friends that we look forward to knowing better.
-We fly this week to Minneapolis for a family wedding of a nephew and his beautiful bride........I know, who gets married in January?! in MN........well, it's part of life's grand celebration and we'll be there with family, missing and counting those who aren't able to attend but so happy to live into another celebration.
-I'm painting alot and enjoying the exhilaration of completing works that I really love!

So yes, I'm happy and thrilled to be celebrating and living this life of mine - 2012 - and hoping that you're doing the same.  It'll look different for all of us but recognizing our moments of joy and sorrow as celebration rather than routine may make all the difference in lives of thanksgiving and honor to our Creator.

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  1. What a great attitude to the new year! Hope it continues. I love the collage - may have to visit the website :)