Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top almost 9 Maui Restaurants

Polenta Stack at Lahain Grill
This post has little relevance to most of my readers but can't resist - we've had amazing food on this trip and these restaurants are just fabulous!  Excellent menus, service, ambiance!

1.  The Lahaina Grill - Polenta Stack was outstanding - flavors just melting in my mouth.  This night I had lobster ravioli to begin!.......the management decided our party of 6 needed a variety of desserts, creme brulee, berry pie, warm chocolate cake with ice cream

2.  The Pineapple Grill - Short Ribs Ravioli appetizer with Surfin' Goat Dairy Cheese - rich enough for a meal - saving room for dessert, oh my - one night was warm chocolate cake and another their famous pineapple upside down cake with fresh pineapple topped with Roselani's macadamia ice cream and coconut phyllo shreds on top - oh and surrounded by an amazing caramel sauce!  Rombauer bottle completed this delish dinner

3.  I'O - amazingly imaginative fresh fish dishes - beautiful ocean breezes

4.  Roy's Kahana, now Roy's Kaanapali - they've moved - but still the best butterfish ever!!! Just order the appetizer size

5.  HONO - 2 lunches and 2 dinners with take-home boxes as well.  Steve does takeout non-dairy chocolate mousse cake here!  The turtle watching as well as the manta rays surfing were enchanting evening time entertainment

6.  MALA - room for toasted brussels sprouts - it'll change your definition of bs forever!

7.  Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop - lunchtime, I've never had a BLT to write home about but this place deserves the accolade, thick bacon, avocado, sweet maui onion, sweet mountain grown fresh lettuce,  the piecrusts - soft and flaky, the secret - lard, of course - definitely on Steve's non-dairy dessert list.  He chose dairy free, I chose coconut creme pie and chocolate macadamia, carmel sauce

8.  Kai Sushi - well, it will ruin your idea of sushi for anyplace else!  So fresh!

9.  Star Noodle*

*review pending - we haven't been able to actually get in to Star Noodle YET - their beautiful, rather small restaurant is always hoppin' and we keep trying to catch them on an "un-hoppin'" night:)

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