Saturday, March 17, 2012

"West Maui News" reports alien creature......

Dateline:  Friday, March 16, 2012
Observers:  Whales, fishies, an eel and several sea turtles
Creature: Unknown, strange, possibly rare female snorkeler

Eye witness whales, colorful fish, one fabulous eel and several monster sea turtles, reported a creature previously unknown to them in these waters.*  It was clad in what appeared to be a black and red outer skin wetsuit with pale lower legs, hands and head exposed to the warm (?) Maui coastline waters.  Said creature was wearing a neon colored apparatus on its head with what looked like a breathing tube above the water.  Oh, and yes LARGE black fins were attached to its lower extremities - the supposed feet.  To make the sighting even more impossibly rare, said creature was reported to be wearing a Clinique lipstick - color - "Red-y to Wear" with an SPF of 15!  The sighting in general was sudden and frightening, although upon close inspection the creature seemed perfectly harmless with a silly grin plastered on its face!  It was swimming among other pale bodied specimens - all of them having a wonderful time and squealing from time to time, what sounded like "turtle, turtle!
Alien Creature Spotted off of Maui Coastline
*Molokini Underwater Preservation Site and Turtle Arches off the west end of Maui

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