Sunday, January 13, 2008


You might remember my post of a few days ago regarding a huge windstorm in our little town. This a.m. our local paper ran the article of our friends' towering blue spruce taking a dive on to their roof and "almost" into their living room - there was no bodily harm done; our friends coped with the aftermath in thanksgiving.........

Dealing from a blessed place of abundance, this young couple announced before our congregation this a.m. how grateful they were to have only suffered the loss of a beautiful tree - nicknamed "Hardy" - were spared the loss of the lesser spruce -nicknamed "Laurel"and how appreciative they were of friends and neighbors who offered them food, shelter, and prayers.

Thanksgivings all around for safety, for abundance, for family, for neighbors and even kind strangers......and of course as a memento of the windstorm of January '08, they placed the tree stump in the backyard as a table and chairs for their toddler.

Indeed, in Thanksgiving!

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