Sunday, January 27, 2008


January is all but gone. February right here - with LENT dropping even more quickly into our lives this year than usual!

For a few weeks, I've been casting about for Lenten reading of some kind; a thought, a new book, an old favorite. Christine at Abbey of the Arts as well as Tess have weighed in with lovely selections of possible devotional reading to consider.

Being inspired and awakened to last fall's Advent Season by reflection on the aforementioned sites, as well as by Lucy's insight and by posts on Barbara's site I had planned to pursue one or more of their suggestions for my Lenten reading. However, something out of the ordinary, for me, keeps entering my mind.

Having stated on this site before that I've never really "gotten" poetry or been a reader of it, frequently these days I am drawn to read or even to write poetry; thinking, "what's that all about!?" "What's that all about!?" came to me again last week while sorting through stacks and stacks of books entering our family bookshelves (the new state of our being retired and rearranging offices). I came upon a book of my husband's, entitled - The Dimensions of Poetry; A Critical Anthology. It is loaded with theory, but also with works by authors such as Emily Dickinson, Dylan Thomas, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, etc.

While paging through the contents and pages of this book - I thought, "I've found my Lenten devotional reading." For those of you who love and find poetry a second language, you may consider this out of the realm of any kind of discipline, much less as a Lenten one. I hope others of you will readily understand the soundness of my decision. So, poetry it is, foolishness, folly, I think not.....called, or at least heavily influenced, to take this book on as my Lenten discipline....that's what I'm doing.


  1. I think you have chosen wisely. It is perfect for Lenten reading -- something you would not have chosen before for various reasons and now you are going to explore a new path. I've never been a poetry person so I understand your decision on this perfectly. And I'm eager to hear what you think when you have finished.

  2. Poetry, prayer. Prayer, poetry. The Psalms are nothing if not the finest poetry, and as for the Song of Songs.

    I, too, think this is a very wise choice.

  3. Sherry - I've been following your journey for a while and find you a person of courage and inspiration. Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    Tess - I have been reading the psalms all my life; have heard them described as poetry, song, etc. but until I started blogging early last year and found myself drawn to online poets and their work, I had never realized the true nature of the psalmists, poetic vehicle. Thank you for your affirming comment.

  4. a wise choice, it is. i am still casting about for what my lenten reading/practice will be...this is very inspirational and i look forward to the fruits of your decision :-)

    when does lent begin anyway???

  5. My Lenten discipline is going to be to figure out how to master those unreadable letters in order to post a comment to your site. At least I get three or four tries before it tells me to go away. Even my eye doctor is kinder and gentler.

  6. woops - I'll try to adjust those unreadable letters - they are so pretty, but for you I'll change them!

    love getting your comments:)