Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Reflection

Expecting little reflection from the MIND SIEVE this a.m., I took a quick view of a few of my favorite sites. Wouldn't you know, as viewing a photograph on the comments page of H3Images a couple of fast sentences shot through my head -

What hidden secrets lie behind the flimsy latch....
Bidding discovery
Fearing exposure....

Sharing and wishing you a reflective day in the midst of your Saturday business


  1. some times things (synchronicity) is just a little too weird--either that or you are a big copy cat :-) have you seen the title (and content) of my short little post today...timed at 10:03 this a.m. i see yours was at 10:30. hmmm...

    love the poetic 'fast sentences'!

  2. Nice..... :-)

    - wdh

  3. Argh! I see that yours was posted at 10:03 and mine was posted at 10:30 - so I must be the copycat:(

    I was running through my favorites as I said, and remembered something you guys said last week about leaving remarks for Bill on his site. I had not done that so I tuned in there and just as I was getting ready to send a comment, those three little lines flashed through my head and I wrote 'em down. Sorry:(

    Oh, btw, I received another lovely email from my friend who went to Bill's site today and asked all sorts of questions about his work.....

  4. sorry...for what, pray tell??

  5. Hmmm...I read your Sunday post before Saturday...and I see now the interest in poetry - you wrote a poem!! And you did it so well -- it matched the visual from H3Images perectly!!!

  6. Lucy, I'm smiling....thank you:)

    Sherry - H3 is a moving meditation piece, isn't it?- as moving as a labrynth if watched as a slide show. Glad you visited H3 and me:)