Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sans scanner - the snapshot of the collage will be the blog release today.

The collage is all about, are you ready for this? - it's all about paper and glue and having fun for no other reason than to have fun. I think it's commonly referred to as playing:) In fact in the lower left green half circle there is a quote - "I have two things on my to-do list: to play and to play":)

While in the midst of my collaging glue-fest, the phone rang and husband, Steve, said to daughter, Kari,
"Oh, yes your Mother is here. She's cutting out paper dolls."
Daughter to Mother - "Paper dolls?"
Mother to Daughter - "Remember, I'm retired; I get to do what I want to do and right now it's "paper dolls" - collage - whatever!"

Not having done a collage in years, I find there is a bit - a LOT - of fun and child-like abandon to ripping out colors, images, letters that appeal to one's self at the moment. Putting it together - freedom as well to glue in whatever spot seems appropriate, to re-glue, to add more and most of all to NOT get too crazy about where everything is placed. You may also notice that the word PERFECT is "not quite" PERFEC......hmmmm.

So, here comes the big question - Would my life change direction, or yours for that matter, if we looked at our daily assignments with a similar gleam in our eyes toward tasks to be accomplished? Would a little less insistence upon perfection, a little less fear of doing the wrong thing, a little less concern over the final outcome result in shabby completions or might it
free us to more creative solutions, more creative products, more creative lives?

.....and lest you think- what would I know about the real world of business and "playing hard ball," I have just retired from corporate life in a major industry and the remarks that I cherish the most on the retirement well wishing cards are those that say they will miss my sense of humor and ability to bring smiles to sort of "ugly" situations.

So, I may have already been playing for longer than I recognized but the new sense of freedom to play with creativity and with the bloggers I've been lucky enough to find is just downright fun - thank you all. You bring many smiles to my face each day I'm allowed to play with you!


  1. my answer to the "big question" YES YES YES!!!

    i love your 'paper dolls'. it is absolutely perfec!!!!

    scanner scanner scanner scanner scanner scanner scanner scanner

  2. lobby, lobby, lobby for scanner, scanner, scanner - will do!:)

  3. btw--it would be much easier for others to reference to your wonderful posts if you would give them a title :-)

  4. A collage! A wonderful thing to do! What inspired you?

    I did one at a Catholic chaplains' conference, and the theme had to be "My Call to Ministry." It was a tremendous exercise, and one I thought would be fun to do with the deanery. Well, some of us would have liked it. :>)

  5. Lucy - thanks for the hint re the titles; a total facet of these adventures in writing that I had overlooked.

    Wren - so glad to see you again. I'll be viewing your site in just a little while and will give you a couple of places that are DEFINITELY inspirational. One of them is Lucy's site - and her "other site" - Lucy Creates - these are MUSTS for collage inspiration.

    Thank for coming by. I've been to your site many times to see if you have posted anything new.....see you there

  6. A very excellent observation/question on your part and the answer of course is yes. I have been doing collage myself and there is something wonderfully freeing about it -- it can be whatever you want, however you want it -- and the more "imperfect" the better the piece!! Happy paper doll time (I used to LOVE cutting out paper dolls!!).

  7. I've been remiss these last few days (think I've had a touch of flu, been so tired) and not visited your blog, so am just catching up. I LOVE this post, and I love the collage and I love the big question you asked. Hooray!