Friday, January 25, 2008


One of my new readers sent a very nice email response to me this a.m. (The next time she visits I hope she will leave her comments on the site so that you can read them also.) She reminded me of something that is in plain site on my blog title page - but something that I had definitely overlooked!

Under my favorite movies, currently a very short list, is the movie ENCHANTED APRIL. I have described it as - a charming little English movie, quite sweet, I think a chick flick:)

I wrote that movie entry prior to my plunge into self-reflection, blog posts, and retirement. Lunching with my friend yesterday, (one of the gifts I've given myself in this early part of retirement - an actual lunch with a friend) we talked blogs, families, volunteering, friends, and life in general.

My friend visited my blogsite last night, apparently giving it a good scan, noticed the EAT PRAY LOVE post of 1/20/08, along with the movie and left a totally enlightening comment about the movie and the EPL connection - "one of my favorite movies and if I remember correctly one that has a great deal to do with "crossing over"--four women redefining their lives and what is important."

My 1/20 post about Elizabeth Gilbert's, EAT PRAY LOVE, the post theme emphasizing the great Italian word "attraversiamo - let's cross over." - totally in harmony with the description my friend left regarding Enchanted April!

Thanks to my friend and to the weird synchronicity that continues in all of our lives, I must take time to watch ENCHANTED APRIL movie again and encourage others also - it's so much more than just a "chick flick":) Enjoy!


  1. i think i have only seen portions of "enchanted april" and that was in a psychology class...hmmmm. sounds like i should add it to my "must see soon" list.

    technical question...did you add your new post titles in the body of the post or the actual place where it says "title"? i still can't get them to link properly :-( and you have so much wonderful insight to share, i want to spread it around :-)

  2. Oh no....I didn't realize that their was a place that said title - I'll get there!!!

  3. What a very insightful and well spoken observation!!!