Saturday, February 09, 2008

Excellent - I love this surprise!

This site received its first peer award this week - a lovely surprise! Although I thanked Lucy for the honor right away, I have been hesitant to immediately post 10 other sites in kind. I enjoy many Blogsites and the extraordinary efforts that bloggers exhibit in presenting their views, their art, their journeys, their lives.

Some bloggers*, whom I've just "met" in this virtual world, don't post often enough for me. I crave more of their insight and inspiration. Yet, perhaps they're not really driven by my expectations (a shame) as blogging probably foremost should be for oneself, not necessarily for someone else! I still hope that the times I visit them they will respond to my comments and to others as we encourage them to post more often - their opinions and creative efforts are appreciated and desired.

These nine sites are Sunrise Sister's choices for "Excellent Award" sites -

Abbey of the Arts
Diamonds in the Sky with Lucy
Anchors and Masts
Christine Kane
Sage and Thyme
Lucy Creates
Beyond the Fields We Know
Nancy Bond
Country Parson



  1. Congratulations! You have two beautiful sites, and I'm delighted but not surprised that they've gotten some recognition. Are you going to tell Riley, or be discreet?

  2. Well, he didn't really get the award for his site, YET:) He still has a lot of work to do!